Cost to File Bankruptcy


How Much Does It Cost to File Bankruptcy? Most people contemplating bankruptcy obviously are in a financial bind. As a result, it is natural that one of the questions they ask of a bankruptcy attorney is how much it will cost to file. This desire to keep bankruptcy costs as low as possible is understandable. …

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Student loan Bankruptcy

Debt relief for student loans Earning higher education is a milestone in the lives of many young people today with just under 35% of the population having attended college education. Unfortunately, for many students, that education comes at an astronomical price. The result is a newly educated population in a challenging job market with a …

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Debt Settlement vs Bankruptcy

Debt Settlement vs Bankruptcy

Debt consolidation for unmanageable finances Debt comes in many forms. We may have residual student loans, unsecured debt through credit cards or unexpected medical bills, and even larger-ticket payments such as mortgages and auto payments. Debt is so prevalent in the lives of individuals because it is difficult, if not impossible, to housing, education, and …

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Should I File Bankruptcy?

Should I File Bankruptcy? To many people, bankruptcy smacks of failure, conjuring up images of desperate celebrities who’ve squandered their wealth and sunk into despair. But is bankruptcy really only for people with no other options? You may be asking yourself, should I file bankruptcy, or is there another way out? If you are struggling with debts, …

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