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A Caring Cleveland Attorney For Your Foreclosure And Bankruptcy Needs.
Don’t Avoid Creditor Calls Forever. The Time Is Now To Take Action.

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The best way to calm your worries is to get information. When people contact us, they tend to walk away with a more optimistic outlook and real actionable ways to start over.

Formerly the lead Attorney Editor for the State of Indiana West Group and a publisher of Ohio Lawyers Weekly, David Benson brings 27 years of legal experience and a variety of work environments into harmony when helping his clients.

Inspired by personal experience, David dedicated the last 12 years of his legal experience to bankruptcy— helping clients regain control of their debt, and ultimately, their lives.

David’s education is as rich as his work experience, spanning a JD/MBA from Case Western Reserve and a AB from Oberlin College. Knowing the importance of a good education first hand, David continues to run a scholarship program to further give back to his community and help young individuals afford the cost of education. See his Scholarship Page for more information.

  • Practicing bankruptcy law since 2008

  • Filed more than 500 cases in state and federal courts

  • Saving thousands of dollars on car loans

  • Modified mortgages saving hundreds of thousands of dollars

  • Highest amount of debt discharged in personal bankruptcy – $2.2M

  • Many houses saved from auction at the last minute