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Battling Debt Anxiety

Battling Debt Anxiety

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Bankruptcy in Cleveland, OH

You can discharge most, if not all, your unsecured debts (e.g., medical debt and credit card balances). You can catch up on past due mortgage payments. You may be able to avoid second mortgages in some cases. You can cram down loans for cars and investment property under certain circumstances.

Your score will bottom out, but that may not be as big a drop as you think. We have even seen cases where a filing can actually improve ones score. Many of our clients work with a consultant while emerging from bankruptcy to bring the score up significantly in 2-3 years.

A Chapter 7 case usually lasts 4-5 months, but can extend to as much as a year if the estate is complex or difficult; A Chapter 11 case can take from approximately a year to several years; A Chapter 13 case typically extends 3-5 years.

If you have property that is largely exempt and your household income is at or below the median, you might benefit most by filing a Chapter 7 case.

A Chapter 7 case generally has the most economic benefit because most unsecured debt can be discharged in full. However, a Chapter 13 case can provide significant benefit in the form of avoided or reduced secured debts. A Chapter 11 case is generally the most expensive since it is utilized primarily by corporations or individuals with significant income and debt/assets.

No. Every debt must be reported in your bankruptcy case, along with all of your assets.


I found that this company is the best bankruptcy firm that I encountered out of all that I looked into. They were kind and friendly. His skills as a bankruptcy lawyer show as soon as I spoke with him. He helped me a great deal an I thank him for it.

Crystal Moore

When I first met attorney Benson and walked into his office, he had a calmness about him that made me feel at ease . As Mr. Benson asked me a few questions, and I explained my situation to him, I felt that there was a feeling of hope, that I had not had prior to our meeting . Before i felt that I was being swallowed up in debt , with not many options at hand . Being an older gentleman at the age where I should be retiring and not living in debt.

Barry Owens

Mr.Benson has guided me through this terrible situation through his experience and given me strength that there is, light at the end of the tunnel of Debt. Going into this, with a positive attitude, to get of this situation helps! Thank you Attorney Benson

Barry Owens

Best bankruptcy lawyer. David guide me step by step true out my difficulties time. If I could give him more than five stars I would.

Jad Sandi

I was so nervous when I decided to go through bankruptcy. I thought that I was going to be ridiculed. I felt horrible that I some how found myself drowning. But with that said when I started to come see Mr. Benson, he made me feel comfortable and I felt like he really cared about helping me through this very difficult time. I can't tell you how much that meant to me!

Christina Pease

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