How Long Does Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Take?

If you're facing huge debts and your finances are spiraling out of control, bankruptcy can give you a clean slate. But how long does bankruptcy Chapter 7 take? While most cases take about 4 to 6 months to complete, the length of the overall process depends on several factors. A Minneapolis bankruptcy attorney can help [...]


Can One Spouse File Bankruptcy Without the Other?

If you and your spouse are deep in debt, what are your bankruptcy options? Do you have to file together, or can one spouse file for bankruptcy without the other? The truth is, just because you're married doesn't mean each spouse is automatically responsible for the other’s debts. But the decision to file bankruptcy jointly [...]


How to Choose a Bankruptcy Attorney

What are the 10 most important attributes to look for when hiring a zombie-killing bankruptcy/debt/mortgage defense attorney? Below, we discuss how to choose a bankruptcy attorney. 1. Provides personal service There are entities out there that, in bankruptcy circles, are called “mills.” Typically, they are accused by other attorneys of filing lots of cases without [...]


Can I File Bankruptcy to Get My Driver’s License Back?

My Driver’s License Has Been Suspended. Will Bankruptcy Help Me Get It Back? So your license was suspended for DUI. Or maybe you merely failed to show proof of insurance at a traffic stop. Or you were randomly selected to show you have insurance and you didn’t have any. Maybe you accumulated 12 points in [...]


How Transferring Assets Before Bankruptcy Could Screw Your Case

Can I Hide or Transfer My Most Valued Items to Friends or Family Prior to Filing Bankruptcy? One of the largest concerns of anyone filing for bankruptcy is what will become of their personal possessions in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. After consulting with a Cleveland OH bankruptcy attorney, some people may have the desire to [...]


Mortgage Debt Forgiveness: What Happens at Tax Time?

My house was sold by the sheriff and there is a balance left. What could possibly go wrong? There are two scenarios that may play out in Ohio when it comes to mortgage deficiencies following foreclosure: The first is that the lender may walk away from the deficiency, and The second is that the lender [...]

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