How Much Does It Cost to File Bankruptcy? Most people contemplating bankruptcy obviously are in a financial bind. As a result, it is natural that one of the questions they ask of a bankruptcy attorney is the following: How much does it cost to file bankruptcy? The desire to keep the cost as low as …

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Dealing With Delay

Dealing With Delay It is always advisable to consider the internal processes and institutional challenges an opposing party is facing in a foreclosure action. If you are sensitive to the obstacles faced by the lender, its loan servicer and its litigation counsel, it will be easier to advise a debtor as to what can reasonably be expected …

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Foreclosure Scams

Foreclosure Scams Occasionally, a lawyer will come across a homeowner who has been the victim of a foreclosure scam. The latest, forensic mortgage loan audits, are peddled by companies claiming to review mortgage loan documents in order to find violations of state and federal mortgage lending laws. Their reports, they claim, can be used to …

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