5 Mistakes Bankruptcy Clients Make In Picking A Cleveland Bankruptcy Attorney

Cleveland Bankruptcy Attorney discusses 5 Mistakes Bankruptcy Clients Make In Picking A Bankruptcy Attorney There are many common bankruptcy client mistakes... Selecting a Cleveland bankruptcy attorney who does not have the appropriate level of familiarity with bankruptcy, debt settlement, mortgage foreclosure, divorce, debilitating injuries and vehicle titling. Although bankruptcy should be the main focus of your [...]


Three Truths About Bankruptcy and Your Credit

Cleveland Bankruptcy Attorney discusses Truth About Bankruptcy and Your Credit Are you curious about the truth about bankruptcy?  Your creditworthiness after bankruptcy is in part a function of your creditworthiness before you filed Obviously, filing for protection with the bankruptcy court is not a positive for your credit score, but it doesn’t have to be [...]


Why Bankruptcy is Almost Always a Superior Choice to Debt Negotiators

If you are like most people considering bankruptcy, you have probably looked into working with a debt negotiator or debt settlement agency. Here are four reasons why a bankruptcy is usually a superior choice. In bankruptcy, you pay back no more to unsecured creditors than required by law. In a no asset chapter 7 case, you [...]


Bankruptcy 101: What every consumer should be aware about

Recent changes in bankruptcy laws make it more difficult for people to file. In 2015, nearly 900,000 people filed for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy filers aren't always people who mismanaged their finances. Many suffer major health crisis' or a life event, such as divorce or losing their job. Economic climate also resulted in record numbers of foreclosures—another factor in growing [...]

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