Cures for Foreclosure, Garnishment and Aggressive Collectors

Nobody likes the idea of filing bankruptcy, but sometimes, it’s your best defense against overwhelming debts and harassing creditors. Believe me, I’ve been there, during one of the darkest times of my life. I’ve experienced that anxiety that comes from unexpectedly losing a job, receiving a foreclosure notice, and having sleepless nights. But bankruptcy didn’t cause the circumstances I found myself in. Instead, it helped me keep going until I could get up on my feet again. My personal experience was one of the reasons I changed my legal focus to bankruptcy and debt law. Now I get the satisfaction of helping people get a fresh financial start. Bankruptcy can help the financially overwhelmed find a solid place to stand and rebuild their lives, and millions of Americans have taken advantage of it.

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About David M. Benson

David M. Benson is a long-time resident of Cleveland Heights and a practicing attorney since 1993. He has represented hundreds of Ohioans, most of them in bankruptcies on behalf of consumers and small businesses. He has extensive experience in counseling clients on the most advantageous alternatives relating to debt issues, including mortgage foreclosure defense, loan modifications, deed in lieu of foreclosure and short sales.

Answering Your Questions About Bankruptcy

If you’re battling debt anxiety of any kind, this book is for you. It answers questions such as:

> What are the different types of bankruptcy, and pros and cons of each? > Which type best suits your situation? > How can you protect your home and cars? > What should you avoid when filing bankruptcy? > How can bankruptcy help you recover financially?

Among other things, I also show you how to protect your possessions during bankruptcy proceedings, how to avoid foreclosure, and alternative options to bankruptcy. The right debt-reduction strategy for you lies somewhere in these pages, and helping you find it is my goal.

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